Comparing two FREE VPNs in Kenya - ProtonVPN and Windscribe VPN

you can do just well with a free vpn by manfredi klipto

For those who have not heard about VPNs, a VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The dummy definition ‘an encrypted tunnel between two devices that lets you access every website and online service privately and securely.’ After getting an antivirus like Kaspersky internet security to protect you from viruses, the next thing you need is a VPN.

  • First things first, Nord VPN unblocks all major streaming sites. See below.

For instance, if you are a teacher and you’re downloading your TSC Payslip using TSC online services, you’d not like anyone slipping on your private payslip information.

privately and securely

A VPN uses a special protocol to establish a virtual channel between two machines or two networks (too much IT gibberish). A VPN ‘launders’ your dirty network and makes it clean, protecting you from the listening ears of the government, hackers and your notorious ISP, who have access to your browser records and internet-related activity.

With current economic struggles affecting many, Kenyans might be unable to afford the extra costs of paying for internet and a VPN, which would cost you roughly KES 1,000 per month. That’s an extra cost to the basic fixed internet costs of about KES 2500 per month (Based on the basic costs of a basic package by Zuku Fibre or Safaricom Fibre) So what are your options? You can get a free VPN.

Proton VPN Vs Windscribe VPN

The two VPN providers offer a FREE VPN download option.

proton vpn

ProtonVPN is a security focused FREE VPN service, developed by CERN and MIT scientists as claimed on their website. Proton prides itself on security, privacy and freedom.

  • Price: FREE VPN Paid option: $8 per month
  • Get it here: Proton VPN Download Link
  • Free offer features: 3 Countries, 1 device, medium speed

Unique features:

  • Uses a secure core network to protect servers
  • ProtonVPN exclusively uses ciphers with Perfect Forward Secrecy, meaning that your encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted later
  • Swiss-based
  • No log policy
  • Provides TOR over VPN
  • Offers ProtonMail


Windscribe VPN is a desktop application and browser extension that work together to block ads and trackers, restore access to blocked content.It offers a FREE VPN and adblock. Windscribe VPN is supported in Windows, Linux and Mac and offers an extra browser extension feature for setting up a VPN on Chrome and Firefox Web browsers.

You can set up a VPN on the Firefox browser and Chrome without having to install the application.

Unique features

That said, a FREE VPN will not give you all the functionality you need.

You can still upgrade to the paid option to get more benefits.

Other VPN Options in Kenya are Melon VPN, Express VPN, Nord VPN, Opera browser free VPN, I’ll leave it to you to decide the better of the two FREE VPNs.


If you really need a good VPN and you're willing to part with some coins to enjoy the full package, grab Nord VPN. It's simply the best in the market.

The VPN market is dominated by Express VPN and Nord VPN. The service you get from Nord is amazing. I would always go for that.

Plus there's an awesome offer which could save you a lot of money.

Download VPN here.(NordVPN)