Kenyan SMEs can get $100 worth of Advertising Credit with Microsoft Advertising and Bing Webmaster tools

Microsoft Advertising, formerly Bing finally set to Challenge Google on Online Advertising

By Manfredi Klipto on 07-07-2020

Microsoft through Bing Webmaster Tools has actually told Google, Game on. Microsoft is finally building one platform to run ads on Bing, Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Watch this space for the social inclusion in advertising.

This is the competition we have been waiting for. We are tired of the online monopoly by Google with their search and advertising platform. A change is good for the online space. Microsoft Advertising is quietly revealing a major project that developers are working on to help small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs) advertise on search and social media platforms. It gives small and medium-sized businesses one place to manage all their campaigns from social to search, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

In an exclusive email invite sent to select users, advertisers can get $100 worth of advertising credit through Microsoft Advertising. The target is small and medium businesses. Kenyan businesses can apply. It's part of Microsoft's initiatives towards Covid-19.

the new microsoft advertising

Though quiet, the new Microsoft Advertising platform looks set to take the advertising challenge to Google. It's perfect and sleek for advertising gurus.

A WORTHY CHALLENGE and more help for small businesses

Microsoft’s platform aims to help SMBs get online by giving them a platform to manage advertising on social networks. Brought together by Bing Webmaster tools, Microsoft Advertising and Bing Places. The incorporation of social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin especially will be a key factor to watch. Finally, you don’t have to put all your faith on Google.


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